Download my “Goblin Go Round” for 99 cents and have unique test toy for your 3D Printer…

The Dental Dork! Toothbrush Caddy! →

The Dental Dork!

12/25/2013 (8:33am)


Zurby: A Fun File for 3D Printing →

12/23/2013 (3:33pm)


6/20/2013 (10:59pm)

Andrea’s Drawing Brought to Life… (by ANIMATEaDREAM)

6/17/2013 (5:53pm)

A little bit flash, plus a little bit hand drawn…. a quick (done in a couple of days) promotional animation for Jomation Technologies. (by Joe Micallef)

Zbrush super sculpt! (a conflagration of weirdness)